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Saw Filer & Benchperson Trade Information –
Skilled Trades BC

Saw Filers are analytical tradespeople who work on the complex machinery that shapes our lumber industry. They’re masters in quality control, approaching every task with safety in mind. For more information on what is required to become a Saw Filer and for trade information visit the links below.

Saw Filer Apprenticeship Program at Thompson River University

Thompson Rivers University, Williams Lake Campus, is the only training institution in BC that offers technical training for these trades. For more information on the program and admissions visit the link below.

Saw Trades Level 1, Level 2, and Benchperson Manuals

Purchase manuals for the Saw Trades Apprenticeship Program: Saw Filer Level 1, Saw Filer Level 2: Cirular Saw Filer, and Saw Filer Level 3: Benchperson.

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